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As more Canadians become renters, interest and investment in multi-family rental properties remain high and it leads to be the fastest-growing segment in the modular construction industry. Based on new reports from The Business Research Company, the global multi-family modular and prefabricated housing construction market size is expected to grow to $62.62B in 2027 at a CAGR of 7.1%. In the first half of 2022, multi-family investment transactions amounted to $7.1B with a national average return of 7.4%. This alone accounted for 22% of all real estate transactions according to CBRE.

There are no signs of slowing down as data showed the average rent per unit was up 12.4% and peaked at $2,024 by the end of 2022. Multi-family purchase transactions between CAPREIT, Q Residential, and Centurion Apartment REIT amounted to $533M for eight different properties thus shows the growing demand and investment potential of such properties. With 1.5 million multi-family units to be built, incentivized by the Rapid Housing Initiative’s (RHI) $1.5B funding and $22B of investment from Scotiabank and Bank of Montréal, companies are rapidly modularizing their building methods to stake their claim of the massive profits.

With the huge opportunities of multi-family properties investment, Modular for Multi-Family Housing Symposium by Trueventus is aimed to create a premier destination for construction industry professionals to gain insights and experience first-hand on the latest innovations and opportunities in modern methods of construction. Learning directly from the modular experts how to apply effective streamline workflows, improve productivity, generate stronger profit margins, and take advantage of the excellent networking opportunities throughout the symposium.



UnitiWall Corporation has developed the most complete prefabricated, high-performance, fully unitized wall panel system for use in new
construction and deep energy retrofits. Incorporating all exterior cladding options and window types, UnitiWall™ panels are customized
for each project and are delivered fully clad, ready to install on-site. Based in Mississauga, Ontario, UnitiWall™ provides a simple, energy-efficient, and future-ready solution that is revolutionizing building envelope construction, making projects safer and more cost-effective. Our debut project includes the Academic Wood Tower at the University of Toronto. As one of Canada's most innovative buildings, UnitiWall™ is proud to be a part of this distinguished project, delivering panels for quick and efficient installation in downtown

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