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Canada welcomed a notable 431,645 immigrants in 2022 with 35% settling in the Toronto region and it plans to keep setting records for the next three years, reaching a half million arrivals in 2025. Building TODs has the potential to address the challenges on providing Ontarians and Canadians with more accessible and affordable housing and connect people with job opportunities. Numerous transit-oriented community developments will be built along the new 15-station subway line in Ontario with over 7,000 new housing units and 55,000 jobs are expected to be generated from these developments. With the province’s decision to remove 7,400 acres of land from the Greenbelt to build housing, it provides developers a golden ticket to get their shovels in the ground and begin work on these TOD communities.

The recent Ontario budget reaffirmed the government’s major plans for infrastructure development, encompassing a commitment to allocate $145 billion from 2020 to 2030 specifically to undertake significant investments in public transit. Besides Ontario, British Columbia also has allocated around $394 million for acquiring lands along major public transit corridors to build new affordable and market housing buildings. Investing in transit-oriented developments will help transform the region, providing future investors with more housing opportunities while leveraging the profit of future investments.

Transit-Oriented Development Symposium by Trueventus is aimed to create a premier destination for professionals who are passionate about creating sustainable, livable, and connected urban spaces centered around efficient transit systems. Also, showcasing case studies, and exploring innovative approaches to designing, developing, and managing transit-oriented environments. 



Whatever our clients envision, our teams can design and build. With over six decades of business and technical experience in the mining, energy, and infrastructure sectors, we know your business and understand that your challenges are changing rapidly. We respond quickly with solutions that are smarter, more efficient and innovative. We draw upon our 10,000 staff with experience in over 150 countries to challenge the status quo and create positive change for our clients, our employees, and the communities we serve.

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